Photo Credit || MGB Photo
Creative Director || Anna E Cottrell
Model || Jennifer Hawthorne
Hair + Makeup || Luxe
Wardrobe || Lola

Q+A with Matt Miller

What’s your inspiration for this collab?

My inspiration for the collab are the people involved and the talent each individual brought to the table. Trusting each artist to do what they do best. From Anna’s ability to curate the clothing, style, and fashion of the shoot; to Mallory scouting location, catching the moment, and creating great composition to work with.

How does fashion influence your taste in visual art / vice versa?

Fashion and art are derived from the same place, the spirt of the present moment. Using inspiration from the world around us and sculpting it into expressive works visually, in fashion and visual art. So they feed each other and push the consciousness of societies present landscape. The core being rebellious and edgy, but being true to self. Also basics like Color vibes/ that are now presentation/merchandising of the vibes.

What do you love most about this collab?

Being able to trust the people you collab with is huge perk. I loved being a part of the entire process. Taking from an idea to final production is very rewarding. Being in the creative process with other creatives, starting with a concept in a coffee shop, to being on site for the styling and photo shoot, to printing and composition editing, to print, then adding to the existing composition of the photos. It was such a cool process to be a part of and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Q+A with Mallory Berry

What was your inspiration for this collaboration?

Similar to film photography I’ve always been heavily inspired by the organic or often unanticipated qualities of watercolor. Lately I have been stirred by the work of mixed media artists like Shae Detar and Anthony Kerrigan, and I knew I wanted to complete a similar project that married one or more aspects of visual arts.

How does fashion influence your taste in visual art / vice versa?

I think my taste in art translates across my taste in fashion–muted palettes, minimal pieces and strong antique and vintage influences.

What do you love most about this collab?

Any opportunity to work with other creatives is what makes my heart beat. It’s so refreshing to see the different perspectives and concepts of each artist, and in a collaboration like this it’s particularly compelling to see each of these retained while still creating a cohesive piece. I was excited for the chance to come together with such talented local visionaries. It was fascinating to watch Matt interpret and further each piece–I’ve not been able to witness that type of manipulation to my images or prints before this, and I loved every moment of the process.

What inspires your art?

Our studio’s brand is influenced heavily by Impressionist-era artists and several modern conceptual film photographers–from Degas to Asher Moss. I’m inspired often by symmetry, negative space and the interaction of light and water–and for personal projects I find myself drawing often from nature, poetry and past experiences.

Q+A with Anna E. Cottrell

What was your inspiration for this collaboration?

When the concept of a mixed media editorial first came up, I was e-l-a-t-e-d for the idea to partner with the vision of a local artist.  It truly was a dream challenge. In hindsight, I think this particular team hit a healthy stride [causing the project to flourish] due largely in part to a few pivotal characteristics– a collaborative spirit and an appreciation for beauty. 

What do you love most about this collab?

Quite simply, collaborating with like minded people and pressing towards a common goal.  Now that the project is wrapped, I get a kick out of watching the stop-motion video because it so beautifully captured the process in its entirety [hair + makeup –> to final photo selects]. 

How does visual art influence your taste in fashion?

Art x photography are both massive passions of mine. I oftentimes find myself mimicking art while dressing, which usually happens in recreating color palettes. Having a solid understanding of visual art and drawing from that place has proven very helpful in my industry.